Chris Williams, London Blue Badge Tour Guide

I’ve lived in London for over twenty years, and I can work with small groups and families as well as larger tour groups. There's nothing I love more than helping families and small groups have a great half day or day in London. With every tour, my goal is to help people learn about the great sites of the city, take some great photos, hear great stories, and make some remarkable memories. I am knowledgeable and passionate about what I’ll show you, and that will come across as we spend our time together!

One of my specialities is the Tower of London! This is one of the most complete and extensive castle complexes in the world. If you have a limited time in the city, this is a must- see destination. Over 3 million people visit this UNESCO World Heritage site a year, but with a knowledgeable guide you can see the most, and navigate the crowded areas more efficiently. 

Did you know that you can see the actual items used during the Coronation of King Charles III in the Tower of London? 

Or that there is a cafe just a few steps from the Tower entrance, so hidden away that it is usually very quiet, which is a great place to have a quick bite to eat? 

Or that there is a small enclosure, visible when you climb the staircase of the White Tower (the central, original building of the Tower), where two bodies were found... the bodies rumoured to be Princes murdered there in the 15th century!

Another of my favourite tours is Westminster Abbey! It is easy to fall under the spell of this remarkable site! Westminster Abbey is not a museum, it is a working church, and yet it is alive with the history of the monarchs crowned there and the thousands of notable souls buried and memorialised there. I can quietly, discretely and respectfully show you the key areas of the Abbey, and help you get the most out of your time there. 

Did you know that there are over 3,000 tombs in Westminster Abbey? 

Or that as you walk to the Chapter House of the Abbey, where religious instruction and readings were held, you walk past the oldest door in Great Britain... built in the 1050's? 

Or that the Abbey's restrooms can be found very close to the entrance you'll use to get in (the group entrance)... good to know!